Andra is a Certified Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Specialist, and CADC-1 Addiction Counselor who is passionate about empowering men, women, and young adults to break through any circumstance or life pattern that leaves them stuck, stagnant, or stale personally, professionally, relationally, or spiritually. Andra’s extensive training in Biblical inner healing and ministry parallels her holistic lens of conditioning the muscles of the mind, will, and emotions, to become “fit” in choices, and responses to life. She empowers her clients to discover and live from their God-given purpose, while developing their internal resources that results in a strong sense of identity, life balance and an overall sense of well-being. Her desire for others to experience freedom fuels her passion to help individuals overcome addiction. For the past 7 years, she has been a life coach and served on the Board for a residential program for women who want to break free of life controlling issues, primarily drugs and alcohol.  She has been instrumental in breaking non-productive cycles and teaching how to experience life with healthy positive outcomes. Andra established Vista 4D Coaching in 2010 to provide an authentic partnership with professionals to gain momentum to meet goals, minimize stress, and develop strong relationships. Her intuition and genuine care compliment the strategic tools she offers to catalyze growth, and turn obstacles into opportunities for greater success. With 20 years of experience in sales and customer development, she understands the soft skills and mindsets necessary to master and maintain new levels of success with optimal energy and effectiveness. Andra believes everyone is “alive to thrive in life and leadership.”