When I moved to Peachtree City a year ago, I was overwhelmed and extremely stressed with all of the major changes that were happening in my life, both personally and professionally. Connie’s coaching was life changing. She’s realistic, empowering, and relatable, and I love her energy and wisdom.


I knew I needed a coach because I felt “stuck” professionally, and my ultimate goal was to start my own business doing what I love. I was initially nervous about the investment, but this investment has changed the course of my life. It was the Best investment I’ve ever made! Working with Connie has helped me to eliminate negative self-talk and self-doubt, and shifting my mindset was the missing link I needed to believe in myself and take the leap. I connected with Connie immediately, and I love our open dialogue. I like to think of her as a guide who assisted me in navigating through my thoughts and finding the answers within. I was ready to do the work, and I am seeing the results. Coaching with Connie empowered me to start my business, and I’m already excelling as an entrepreneur. If you want someone who is going to be an active participant in helping you navigate your “next step” and reach your goals, then do yourself a favor and start yesterday!


Connie has helped me deal with one of the toughest situations anyone has to deal with in life. She has been so unbelievably supportive and not only helped repair what I thought would be impossible to fix, she has helped me remember who I am and why I’m here. No matter how small or large the problem is, Connie can help fix it!

Entrepreneur, Artist

As a result of having Connie as my personal coach, I have found my true self again. This year I began a journey with Connie that has helped me grow into who God intended for me to be. I look forward to continuing on this path of discovery and growth.

Corporate Executive - Marketing

I have achieved so much personal fulfillment since the beginning of my journey with Connie as my guide. She has assisted me in discovering the parts of me that had been lying dormant for years, since I was a little girl; the parts of my character that made me…me. She has also helped me uncover, discover and discard many of the LIES I had accepted in my heart as truth. Lies that had been keeping me stuck for years and placed me in a position to remain miserable. She has taught me how to be my authentic self and to allow others to know and love me too! I no longer just exist on a day-to-day basis. I can say that I am genuinely grateful and joyful most days. I attribute this to Connie’s willingness and ability to allow God to use her as a conduit of His grace, mercy, forgiveness and unconditional LOVE.

Personal Development Professional

Working with Connie helped me through a very rough time and allowed me healing from past hurts and gave me strength to deal with current situations head on. I can still hear Connie’s voice when I am up against situations today….It is definitely worth the time and money if you are willing to invest in you, and if you are willing to look at changes that need to be made within yourself first.

Flight Attendant

Coaching with Connie was a great experience. She taught me how to look at things in a different light….change the picture you think you want….When I first started working with Connie, I was in despair, in a pit, addicted. I knew I needed help, and honestly, did not know if she could help…she did. She helps you look at your situation through different eyes.

Executive – Sales

Connie is the bridge between where you are right now and where you want to be in your life! Connie Jones will expertly help you to discover the divine, loving being inside of you. I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by her and experiencing her deep insight. She has an impeccable ability to listen to what’s actually going on and shine the light on what is stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

Thank you so much, WOW- AMAZING!


Connie helped us (three business partners) see our current roles in our business, thus enabling us to identify individual and partnership challenges. She helped us with planning and living by our priorities, uniting together as a team, creating an effective action plan and implementing it to double our business revenue in a year’s time. If you are seeking the highest and best for yourself or your business, then working with Connie Jones is the bridge to make this happen. As an entrepreneur, Connie has lived it and done her personal work to grow her business in leaps and bounds. She is compassionate, kind, and understands what it takes to get you to the next level of success.

Entrepreneur, Health Care Professional

I wanted to resolve my confusion and was seeking direction and fulfillment in my life. Connie helped me find clarity, peace within myself, and direction – a path and a methodology – an approach tailored personally to me, and the ability to integrate the spirit of God with functional living. I have a deeper peace than I`ve ever had. I also have a more open and transparent relationship with God and with others. Finally, I believe it’s okay (and maybe even awesome) to be uniquely me. Connie listens, cares, and she’s very real in her approach. She has deep passion and belief in God and in people. I only wish I would have done it sooner.

National Sales Manager, Consumer Product Sales

Connie convinced me I could when I thought I couldn’t. She is a “been there, done that” kind of coach rather than a “I’ve read about that, here’s what they say” kind of coach. I have never looked back on anything we have done, no matter how hard, and said “I wish I hadn’t done that.” I’ve been able to really discover myself. I have a very clear picture today of who I am, what I really want, what I enjoy, and I’m not afraid to pursue those things. I’m no longer trying to get through. Growth is hard sometimes but it is always well worth it.

IT Professional

Connie is wonderful to work with. She does not have a “broken record” approach. She deals with each issue as they come, always looking at the big picture. I have gotten something out of every session. I feel I know myself more than I did at the beginning. Connie is a true professional who has given much appreciated guidance, so I could create the life I enjoy living, while reaching the next level of success in my business.


Connie is truly a gift! She helped us learn how to sustain our marriage through difficult situations as well as helped us look at ourselves and our own personal struggles. Connie is a HUGE reason we are still together and happily married. She is comfortable to talk to and always did a wonderful job helping us understand each other`s emotions and how to deal with them to strengthen our marriage and family.

Sales Professional

When I started working with Connie, I was having dark thoughts associated with the future, wanted a better marriage, and needed some career guidance and direction. I felt, safe, accepted, and valued by Connie – she is one in a million! I am so thankful for her intrinsic optimism, and that she is “for” her clients. She helped me get clarity and direction about my marriage and my career, understand and communicate my needs and desires more effectively, and I learned to embrace myself and how to enjoy my life.

Therapist, Entrepreneur, Photographer

My work with Connie really gave me an opportunity to realign with my truest self and recover my deepest desires. Every week of my work with Connie opened new parts of my soul wanting to be free. Our work brought new discoveries about who I am at my core – my strengths, my passions and my values – and put me more in touch with the inner meaning of my life. I feel more alive and tuned in, and I have my life back again. I’m bringing my gifts into the world in ways that matter.


I was traveling so much for work. I was in a lifeless marriage. I was tired, having health issues, and in debt – I knew something had to change. I just knew I needed to slow down and find my center again. That’s when I reached out to Connie. She helped me discover my strengths, passions, and values. I got clarity about how I really wanted to live my life, rekindled the love in my marriage, and began to enjoy my family more. I also learned how to gain some financial freedom in our finances.

Executive Management

I wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t know where to start. Connie offered a healthy space for me to sort through my life experiences, passions, education and gifts to discover my path. My coaching helped identify what mattered most to me and allowed me to fully step into my purpose. I discovered what I want to do, who I want to do it with, and how I want to do it! I now own a business, which is aligned with my passion and purpose.

Entrepreneur, Consumer Product Sales

I was an empty nester after raising three children, but it was finally time to focus on me and what I wanted for my future. Coaching with Connie allowed me recover parts of myself I had lost and forgotten. I live with so much more intention, clarity, and passion than I ever have, and I feel happier and more confident than in a long time.


I have been in a high-pressure career, and am a husband and father. My time and energy was spent providing for my family and doing what I was supposed to do to make every body else happy. Coaching with Connie was the best year investment I ever made. Connie helped me reconnect back to my heart and spend more of my time and energy doing what is important to me. I enjoy my family more, am no longer a workaholic, and I am more successful in my career than I’ve ever been. Coaching truly transformed me and my life in a positive direction.

Corporate Executive